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2 cups of coffee and no smiles

June 23, 2008

On Friday, I spent way too much time dealing with my car.  Front brakes (and stuff) replaced, rear tires replaced, a nice 2,000NIS.  Anyhoo, I had some time to wander around the Kfar Saba industrial zone, so I walked into 2 eateries (enough time had passed between eatery 1 and eateyr 2).

The first was a bakery, which prides itself on flavors the owner’s father used to bake with. Or something.  The kid behind the counter had no smiles for me (true, I had none for him, but it was early, and my car was in the shop).  The coffee was weak (jeez) and the brownie I was served was cold on a cold plate.  It was not gooey (how can something COLD be gooey), and the white chocolate in the middle was hard and its flavor did not blend in at all.  I think they understood I was not happy, because they gave me a nother small brownie-slice.

I will not go back, but I wish them well.

In the second, I asked for an americano, made strong. So they put in less water.

Still no smiles, only this time the coffee REALLY stank.

Oh, well, better luck next time.