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August 4, 2008

Our daughter figured out by herself how to blow into a recorder, and to make a whistling sound come out.

She is also very close to whistling herself.

Very musical, child is.


new teeth

July 30, 2008



annoying behavior

new teeth


July 29, 2008

Last night we were watching the “Israeli Idol”. R started talking while we were listening. K and I turned to her, and said “shhhh”, with a finger on our lips. This was the first time we had done that.

So she turned right back at us, said “thhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, with a finger on her lips.

It was so adorable and funny that we just couldn’t stop laughing.


lack of sleep

July 28, 2008

R woke up at 2 a.m.

she went back to sleep at 3 a.m.

I am still up, at 9:40 a.m.

Morning Hug

July 21, 2008

Almost every morning, I go to our daughter’s bed when she wakes up (about 6-6:30), smile at her – she smiles back, I walk over, she gets up, lifts her cloth diaper and bottle (and stretches her arms out.

I lift her into my arms, and we hug each other, with little pats on each other’s backs, and with her head leaning on my head and shoulder.


Air Tushie!!!!

July 20, 2008

Last night, sometime after K & I left our daughter in her bed, and sometime before we came in to go to sleep, she pulled her diaper off.  True, she did wet her bed (she’s 14 months old…), but even more importantly, she slept with her tush in the air…

It looked EXTREMELY cute, and adorable.

The “Lil’ Miss Tushie” name I gave her a while ago seems to be sticking…


July 14, 2008

Our daughter is over 80cms tall and over 12 kgs, weight.

SHE BIG for a 14 month old baby. But not fat at all. Go figure.