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on limits

July 12, 2010

A law has been proposed – and may even pass – in Israel that determines which conversion recognizes you as a Jew, and which doesn’t. De facto, it means that only Orthodox conversions will be accepted.
And here’s what bothers me – has the Israeli public decided to fully accept Jewish Law as their edict? If so – go the full monty. Stop all activity on Saturday. Deny everyone access to non-Kosher food. Bring back sacrifices, maybe. (Okay, maybe not ALL of the old laws should be brought back.)
But to continue this line – does this mean that gays should be prosecuted, as well, and removed from society?
Erasing the limit between religion and state, in other words, is way too dangerous for it to be removed simply because it’s an easy way for a certain party to wathc certain interests of its supporters. The issue goes further.

What’s more – this would, effectively, introduce a huge wall between Diaspora – especially US – non-Orthodox Jewry and Israel.
Don’t we have enough battles, that we can’t avoid this issue?
I mean, as far as the State is concerned – why should a certain conversion be preferable? And also – as far as the Orthodox community is concenred – if you don’t want to, don’t accept these conversions. But why stop the STATE from accepting them? If you want to stop them for marrying your children – deal with that. Do not deny a man his heritage and/or choice of religion out of fear.

I am not happy, and am seeing blacker sights as I look at the State of ISrael’s future.


Spain won

July 12, 2010

so what?

no, really. I mean there was something sad about the fact that after a miserably horrible match, one team is called the world champion. And by that I mean WORLD champion, not just US and one or two Candian teams. I mean of the whole world.

If this World Cup has convinced me of anything, it’s that beauty is underrated.

chutes too narrow

June 11, 2010

and pains too near
and fears too great
and eyes too open

all cruddy lines I have been thinking of using

if at the core is only one answer

May 31, 2010

how is it that all the interpretations make up life?



May 26, 2010

I grew up with “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid”.

I moved into “You can be anything if you put your heart to it.”

Now I wish I had been – at some point “And all I want to do is have some fun”.

so, where have I been?

May 16, 2010

at work
at being a father
at being a husband
at being a fan
at being involved
at being a father-to-be (again)
at trying to be me, for real


April 14, 2010

Today, someone read a poem I wrote and posted here on this blog, “Orpheus’ Puncture”.
That person came across the poem by searching for “tight pant”.