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January 30, 2013

Edited a 15 page document today.
How boring. How grand.
How useless. HOw important.
Kind of like that Yom Kippur prayer.


if your staff need to be trained….

January 29, 2013

go to the UDEs
go to the clouds

very little they cannot do

kinda like jedi magic

aching feet

January 28, 2013

but at least we have the bed to ourselves.

K is asleep already.

two thoughts on mono

January 26, 2013

1, It sucks that K has it.
2. It will suck if I have it.

I hope the girls have not contracted it.

spent the morning in a forest

January 26, 2013

Tu Bishvat in Matan means a walk from the civic center (Matnas) to a nearby forest, where the youth movement has activities.
Was fun, Romy saw friends, (we didn’t do the walk, but joined the latter part).
Was good.

At home, K is sick. Mono with an infection. Yuck.

mild frustration

January 25, 2013

I haven’t posted in a while, I know.

Anyhoo…I have been working on a piece, which should explain something of why I have been thinking through this knowledge framework.
And I got stuck.

I got very frustrated at myself. I was supposed to know this stuff already. Stuff I had already thought through.

My mind is not as clear as it should be.