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and another bus has been blown up by terrorists

November 21, 2012

this time at a bus stop a block away from my office.

and as a result, my brother’s unit is entering the Gaza Strip.

There is no excuse for taking a life – any life. There is no excuse for causing any other person’s death.
It is all wrong.

And it just gets sadder by the moment.


What did I learn today from the media?

November 20, 2012

A. Netanyahu does not want to hear the Hamas’ offer.
B. Liberman doesn’t care about the loss of human lives.
C. The Hamas lies.
D. No one is offering a real objective to end the operation.

In short, nothing new.

stopping it

November 19, 2012

Apparently, the Israeli government is now asking the question of what would allow them to end the current bombing of Gaza.

Shouldn’t they have thought of that BEFORE they entered? Starting anything without having even a realistic idea or a few guesses as to how you want it to end cannot be good.

Never Enter a Land War in Asia

November 19, 2012

This morning, Haaretz asks whether Israel can win this war without ground forces entering the Gaza Strip.
Shouldn’t we have had that discussion before the last time we entered the Gaza Strip (when it didn’t work)?
Shouldn’t we have had that discussion before the second war in Lebanon (when it didn’t work)?

In short, yes, we should have thought about it. Unfortunately, we don’t.

And yesterday, in the middle of the day, I left my office in Tel Aviv to seek a sheltered zone.
This is surreal.

17 of 37 were civilians

November 17, 2012

The IDF Spokesperson announced that 37 Palestinians have been killed in the current bombings, and that 17 of them were civilians.
Firstly, they were all civilians. I hate the differentiation.
Secondly, that means that half of the people who were killed were not the targets we said we would be hitting.
Life in Israel is not simple, no, not at all.

It gets personal here

November 17, 2012

I am not the only one whose neighbor got called up.
I am not the only one who has friends who are on their way to an army base, even as I type these words.
I am not the only one whose coworker won’t come to work tomorrow, because he has the task of protecting the country.
And I am not the only one whose brother called him to say he came home after Shabbat, only to be told his unit is part of a ground combat operation.
And yet, I cannot shake the feeling that I am the only one who fears for his brother.

The fear gets personal.

75,000 reserves

November 17, 2012

The cabinet approved calling up 75,000 of the IDF reserves.


That’s the same number the US Pentagon assesses is needed to seize Syria’s chemical arms.
That’s more Jews than there are n the Ukraine or in South Africa.

And since this is only the men between 21 and 45, that represents easily more than 500,000 Jews. This means that Israel believes that this Operation is equivalent to an attack on all Canadian or all French Jewry, basically.

Or, the Israeli Government has called up more people than live in Bermuda or Andorra, which represent more people than live in Luxembourg. No less.

Even more frightening is that the world has allowed for this situation to exist, where people die, where oppression on both sides exists, and it just keeps happening.

75,000. I don’t honestly believe anyone who hears this number truly understands how scary it is.