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TV sucks everywhere

April 29, 2012

but Israeli new low: not showing the NBA playoffs live???
I mean, come ON!


tired all the time

April 29, 2012

too many uncertainties, too much to get organized, not enough real info.

a book

April 29, 2012

I am considering using Michener’s model for bringing characters together.
So far, I have only 2 clear characters, and one vague one.
need to tree this one out.
Need a good computer for that.

real estate

April 28, 2012

I really should call the Florence real estate office that was handling the place we rented….

in Karmiel

April 27, 2012

the downstairs neighbor is drilling
for 2 hours now

if he had SAID something, we probably would not have travelled north.


collateral damages

April 25, 2012

are the worst, aren’t they?

no TV

April 24, 2012

on the two rememberance days (one for the holocaust, one for the soldiers who died, basically), the only airings on Israeli TV are relevant to those two days.
Which means, that TV is depressing on those two days.
So I watch BBC, ESPN, Eurosport and Fox Sports.
But they will not be airing tonight’s soccer games (football, for those non-Americans…)