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March 31, 2012

ook ook ook
Ook ook Ook


so today

March 25, 2012

we went to the mall

actually, I will not miss the Florence Magnolia Mall at all. Maybe a bit the Barnes & Noble – but not the specific, more the idea thereof.


יש תלמיד, יש חבר ויש רב

March 23, 2012

ולהגיד שלום לאיש אשר
היה לך חבר
ראה בך רב
והיית לו תלמיד
הוא קשה, עד דמעות

thank you for coming to see me, pal

another day

March 22, 2012

another job gone by


well, I guess this marks the star of the end of the Florence adventure

I was told I was being let go this evening.

and so life goes on


anyone know of any job openings?

the stupid state system of vaccination

March 19, 2012

in Sc actually goes directly AGAINST what the rug companies say

They don’t wait between shots, so kids have mercury coursing their veins in large quantities.

Stupidity rocks

ושוב, סוף שבוע

March 16, 2012

ואין מה לעשות בעיר הקטנה הזו, פלורנס.
oh, well


March 9, 2012

it helps if we do
need sleep
doesn’t help that the kids wake up in the middle of the night…