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If people are in the -1

February 14, 2012

do they see the +1 at all?


Container arrived!

February 14, 2012

And my piano has been played upon!
by me!
Woo hoo!

(We also have the rest of our stuff finally…)

bilingual school in Jerusalem defaced

February 7, 2012

Such a peaceful place
so accepting
so pleasant

But fascism has its way, way too often.

a hint

February 3, 2012

a notion
a smidgen
of information
can go a long long way

longer if it has a smile on it


February 2, 2012

הגעגוע מעלה דמעות, לעתים
ולפעמים הוא אף מורידם

Apparently, I hate

February 2, 2012

books that don’t really tell you what they mean,

Blue Ocean Strategy said “focus on what’s not there”, and then analyzed a case (almost postmortem, but never mind THAT), to prove that this happened.

No ‘how do you think outside the box’, only ‘once you are, here are some tools’. The tools are simple, and YET, they are not the tools needed to think outside the box. not enough, in my opinion.
The first has potential.
I hope further reading improves my attitude.

two thoughts

February 2, 2012

1. Moving too fast can have people thinking you are unreal for them, even if you see them on a daily basis.
2. Moving too slow can have people thinking you are beneath them, in a number of ways.
I have experienced both this week. Moments of hope.