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yes, but

January 31, 2012

Jane amended my arrangement, but here it is:


f*** this

January 26, 2012

BB&T decided that they would not grant me ANY credit.
No terms.
No conditions.
Just a ‘no’, even though they have seen my salary hit their account, and not be used haphazardly.

rude idiots.

new place

January 24, 2012

has new thoughts
rearranging of lives

I did the Myers-Briggs thing last night (at 2am). Came out as “teacher”. Inspired, idealist teacher.
How surprising.

too many things on the brain

January 16, 2012

not achieving enough


January 9, 2012

I had a virus over the weekend.
My back aches so much, I don’t feel like moving.

That said, I think I have found a solution for a real פלונטר.
woo hoo me