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October 30, 2011

beats posting, not just hands down, but also ties your hands behind your back, throws you in a bag, and throws the bag (rocks included) into a deep deep lake.



October 27, 2011

is a reflection
of expectation
and of illusion

I must apologize

October 25, 2011

but so many of the Americans I met have no sense of irony or cynicism.

Need to change my sense of humor?


October 24, 2011

I just walked some 90 minutes around Matan, the hamlet where we live. And suddenly I thought something about Flow.
The definition of Flow is, basically, the speed at which items move through a given process combined with the number of items moving through said process. In short, the success of a system depends on the success of achieving the internally-definable goals (to a degree, of course), but I believe that in most cases the success of the system depends mainly on the achievement of internally-definable goals.
Of course, these are internally-definable, but they are interlinked with external relations of the system – not to be confused with self-set-targets.
Ook. Too much brain noise to write this out right now.

My daughter, R, underwent an operation (inserting tubes in the ears, removing huge adenoids) today. Too much happens at once, no?

Elementary, my dear Watson

October 23, 2011

the simpler it is, the easier it is to solve
the simpler it is, the easier it is to solve
the simpler it is, the easier it is to solve
the simpler it is, the easier it is to solve

no sleep

October 23, 2011

damn damn damn damn
dunno why I can;t sleep
damn damn damn damn
need to sleep
body says so, too
not sleeping, though
damn damn damn damn
Hoover dam dam dam

Kant on Fear

October 23, 2011

“Kant’s opening paragraph of the essay [“What is Enlightenment?”] is a much-cited definition of a lack of Enlightenment as people’s inability to think for themselves due not to their lack of intellect, but lack of courage.”
wikipedia at its best