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the next big adventure

September 26, 2011

starts on Sunday


and just to be more cryptic

September 26, 2011

just what is the basic unit of the chain?
I mean, what are you looking at when you look at your system?
When do you stop looking down? When do you stop looking up? What is too much, too little, good enough? And, most importantly, what is the noise?

how many basic assumptions do we hold

September 26, 2011

that need tearing down?

In every situation I have been in, I have found at least 5.

Not fun. need to sleep.

Israeli Declaration of Independence – tenth paragraph: my rereading. What a sentence!

September 21, 2011

“This right is the natural right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate, like all other nations, in their own sovereign State.”

Summary sentence of all that has gone before, obviously.

“natural right”: Me, I think that life and liberty are natural rights. The right to be a nation is not natural. It is a derivative right, imho. This “natural” thing invites many problems. For instance “whose right is MORE natural?” (regarding people who were in these lands for hundreds of years, for instance). Or “aren’t you Polish?”

“masters of their own fate”: For centuries, Jews were ruled by strict laws, whether those imposed in Europe or in Africa or the Arab peninsula, they were always ruled by others, yes. However, this emancipation (yes, there is a historical context of that word…) means you have to take full responsibility, in my opinion. This State still has not done so. Masters of our fate does not mean being oligarchically-oriented. It means paying attention to the needs of the people. “With great power comes great authority”. Gaps between responsibility and authority are far less than healthy.

“like all other nations”: Wasn’t the Jewish People supposed to be a light unto the nations? And if we are supposed to be “like all other nations”, which other standards should we adopt? I mean, where does the line run between being self-definitive (masters) and being relative (like others)? Unclear. Oh, well. Maybe it’s best that way, since these two always co-exist, and never does the line between them run clearly.

The rest I have discussed already.

oh, god, no

September 16, 2011

So, the enlightened people of the State of Israel are supporting the forced uprooting and resettlement of a whole indigenous population.

Yes, a solution is needed – but this one? It is so wrong, just so wrong. 😦

it’s been a decade

September 16, 2011

since I thought to myself “why am I in debating?” And the answer was “because it’s a way to improve society, by improving the way people converse.”
While I still believe that is true, I believe that the current debating tournament formats are too strongly emphasizing the “win-by-kill” and not enough the “win by promoting the conversation, and actually listening to one another”.
I adjudicated at the European University Debating Championship in Newcastle, during the summer of 2009. In one of the rooms, I was the dissenting judge. I did not understand fully what my problem was until later that evening, when I realized that the adjudicating was done solely based on whether one team had “outdone” the other, not really on whether a viable solution to the problem was presented.
What kind of move can I make from here?

Too much to do, so many worlds to lift, not enough levers.

it’s my birthday

September 14, 2011

and I think it’s time to become the most important man in the world.

aiming low, eh?