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managing knowledge

April 29, 2011

here are some questions I am dealing with:
1. what skills are needed to manage knowledge?
2. where does managing it begin and creating it end, and vice versa?
3. what values should lead this process?
5. Why am I thinking of this?
6. Why did my daughter wake up at 4 and go back to sleep, and I can’t?



April 27, 2011

what’s he got that I ain’t got?

(you can say that again)

And it’s only courage if you have true ability and sufficient knowledge.
Otherwise you are either dumb, blind, or both. Right?

Well, is it really “courage” if you KNOW you can do it? I guess not. I think if there is an unknown in the system, an uncertainty that could be the source of numerous, serious negative branches/effects – that is when you need courage.
I do not need courage to play a piece of music I have played thousands of times, and practically know by heart.
I do need courage to play Liszt. I still haven’t even considered trying, not really.

Make sense?

The 80s are back…in Israel

April 27, 2011

The 2 biggest shows this summer in Israel are Duran Duran and Paul Simon.
Ok, maybe not “biggest” but still….

just off

April 26, 2011

how does one describe being “just off” in a way that is helpful?

back from vacation

April 22, 2011

some things change, some stay the same.
And sometimes they are the same things.

2.5 days

April 20, 2011

away from the girls.
much sleep
much appreciated

paranoia/mental disease

April 17, 2011

I keep checking the movie I posted, to see how many hits it gets.
It passed 4,000 within a week. I don’t think it will make it to 50,000 within 2 months.