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Size doesn’t matter

February 28, 2011

but our daughter is HUGE
I mean, she’s 62 cms in length (top 3%), 6.16 kgs (top 3%).
and gorgeous too.


an addiction

February 26, 2011

There is something addictive in having your 2-month-old daughter fall heavily asleep on your shoulder.
There is something addictive in her breathing, in her little hand grasping at your sweater, holding on.
There is even something addictive in the fact that I am pinned to the couch, unable to move (thank you, boss, for supplying me with a laptop computer).
There is something addictive in the fact that someone needs you so much, and you surmise that they love you so much.
No wonder we egotistical human beings have children. It’s addictive.

on a blog

February 25, 2011

I have been thinking about what makes a company’s blog interesting.
I would love to hear from anyone who happens to read this , if they have an opinion.
And no, I do not think a company’s blog is categorically different than any other blog, but there are differences between a corporate’s blog and a private person’s blog, no?

need sleep

February 15, 2011

can anyone lease me some?