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On Kyoto

November 30, 2010

The bit that I did see was gorgeous.
I went to two temples, and each was really beautiful. The colors were those of a New England autumn, but the feel was completely different. The way things blended (most because of man’s intervention) was unique, gorgeous and amazing at times. One site had a humongous wall that was wood, and hundreds of years old, and still standing! (Imagine the varnish costs!)

In any case, I thought I would note the beauty I saw, to say nothing of the Miyazaki store, with a huge Totoro and Ponyo outside (closed when we were here 😦 ).


Too much transportation

November 28, 2010

A quick time breakdown:
I left my home on Saturday evening, one week ago, at about 16:00 GMT
I arrived at the hotel in Dalian, China, at around 11:30 GMT the following day (although it was 8pm).
Leg travel time: 19.5 hours.
On Tuesday, we left the factory we where were holding interviews for our next book at 2:30 GMT (11:45 local time), and arrived at our hotel at 10:30 GMT (19:30 in Japan).
Leg travel time: 8 hours.
The way home: I left my hotel at 1:30 GMT (10:30 in Japan), and arrived home at 2:00 GMT.
Leg travel time: 24.5 hours.
Total travel time: 52 hours.

Total work hours: 9 hours on Monday, 3 hours on Tuesday, 9 hours on Wednesday.
Total work time: 20 hours.

I also had 2 hours of viewing Kyoto on Tuesday morning, 3 business suppers and some sleep.


Kyoto airport

November 25, 2010

is an airport, just like any airport.
Their duty free shops, however, have very few “touristy” items, and almost everything is VERY expensive. VERRRRRRY.

Also, I saw a guy in the middle of a book shop reading through a porn mag.


just one word

November 24, 2010

It may sound like Ilan and I suffered in china. This is not the case. We met very hospitable people, and we had work to do – and we did it. We even found a few interesting tidbits for the book.
The hotel staff was nice, the room was fine, the food was fine.
Just everything seemed so gray to me.

Me was in China – little to tell

November 23, 2010

Alright, so how has China been?

Let’s start with the first flight. I slept through a large chunk of it. One reason being, sufficient leg room. I had a regular aisle seat, and here was enough room for me to stretch my legs comfortably enough for me to fall asleep some 3 minutes into the first movie (Inception). I woke up somewhere in the middle-to-end of the third movie, which means I slept some 5 hours. Not bad for a 9-and-a-half-hours flight. (One comment thought. I asked a flight attendant if there was a newspaper I could read, and she never got back to me. Oh, well.)
When I wasn’t asleep or eating, I reread “Breakfast of Champions.” Gotta love Vonnegut.
Nice landing, quite soft.

Off the plane in Beijing, Ilan and I had to find our way to the second flight. We got directions from a helpful woman at the Air China desk. We had to go down a floor, round about outside, take the shuttle bus to terminal 2, and there go to the China Southern Airline. The ride to the second terminal was a 15 minute drive. I don’t know why they call it the same airport,, it’s so far away.
We get there at 2pm, flight’s at 6. We’re told to come back at 4. We walk around the terminal. Fairly expensive shops, we had an okay lunch at an okay price.
Manage to get internet access (free!) but discover that half the sites I want are inaccessible in China. Whatever.
Just before boarding, Ilan and I pull faces for a 4-year-old Chinese girl. Thinking of Romy.

Flight uneventful (The “hot meal” was a bun with a sausage inside, heated up together. I avoided the roll, sausage was fine.). Landing, however….
It was so bumpy that the young boy sitting two seats over from Ilan actually bounced OUT of his seat. I am not kidding. People, buckle up before landing.
I felt quite queasy and wanted OUT.
Outside Dalian airport, we were met by a driver, who proceeded to verify who we were by calling his boss. The boss gave us Yuji (Head of GC Japan), who hung up after verifying that we were who we were – but not to the driver. LOL
The driver gave us a funny look, but took us anyway.

Arrived in hotel, nice room, very comfortable.
Fell asleep only at 2am local time. Oh, well. At least I saw the censored version of Watchmen (no sex scene – better that way).

Woke up next day, to see Dalian, the grey. yes, not only Tolkein has greyness, so does china. And much thereof.
The company is ok, a lot of talk, took good notes (some on Ilan’s computer), filmed it all. Saw some cute ideas, one is a great, simple innovation.
All in all, was a work day.
Went back to hotel, had supper with the company execs, and went to bed. ZZZZZZZ (fell asleep fairly fast)

The next day (today, Tuesday) spent another half-day working, and then to the airport.
this city really has nothing to offer, even in the airport.
At least I know a lot about this factory.
Flight okay (landing a bit bumpy), now this is Japan. More on this another time.

One thing – there was a woman today who spoke in Chinese, which got translated to Japanese, which got translated to English, and then Ilan and I discussed in Hebrew.
Lost in translation?

3 things

November 20, 2010

1. I know, I know, I should answer Ziv Wities.
2. I know, I know, I should write that description up. Am going to Far East. Maybe that will allow me to do so.
3. I know, I know, I should not be going to the Far East 7 weeks before the due date.
Knowledge is futile.

Online Free Television

November 14, 2010

I think that there is too much greed in the world.
And I think that if the creators of new media (such as TV shows, live blogs, etc.) wanted to make money in a fair environment, they could easily (using product placement, consentual advertisements, etc.) put all their content online for free.