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in the corner

February 24, 2010

is a dust monkey, whose gremlins pester and bother and fester and push
until the dust slowly sparates and dissipitates
and becomes drunk from oxygen and high on the fumes
and as it stirs and moves, making the room a sty,
its beauty is incomparable


try try try

February 21, 2010

and you can only come
to this conclusion

too many trial lawyers trying

i am sitting in a corner

February 19, 2010

and the tea is apple, with a cinnamon stick inside
and the views are pleasant
and the timing is fine
and the bourgeoisie of me is rekindled
in a somewhat saddened form


February 19, 2010

that come from staying up too late and from insisting on working in the dark

are scarier than the typos i usually have

There’s a little black spot on the sun today

February 15, 2010

i have stood here before
inside the pouring rain

not here in different ways

February 15, 2010

there are times
when introspection
digs up the dirt
’twas hidden beneath the slithey toves
or just behind my white lies

impossible moves

February 11, 2010

never try to do what we did.

Sunday – decided to move
Monday – saw a place online
Tuesday – saw the place & said we want it
Wednesday – the owner said yes
Thursday – We signed the deal (with help of my sister, the lawyer)
Friday – spoke with a mover and started to move
Sunday – moved in