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my book!

November 18, 2009

i have a copy!
with a cover!
and everything!


no, it isn’t you

November 12, 2009

it isn’t the timing
or the setting
or the getaway car parked right outside
it isn’t the loaded gun your father held
it isn’t the fact that you can’t boil an egg, even with a cook book open
it isn’t the fact that the sex could have been better
or the fact that that is a lie
it isn’t that people saw us
it isn’t the fact that no one cared
it isn’t because of the breeze
or the allergy to your cats
or even to the noise you make when you pee
it just isn’t you
and yet, it isn’t me either

3 little things about you

November 11, 2009

your silhouette at 2 am
your gouging smile in desperation
your ability to forgive

drive me insane

two t.v. dinners

November 9, 2009

a glass of chardonnay, a second
the candles i thought you might like
a tie, thrown against a chair which one sported a jacket
waiting, watching the second pass
but i leave the game on
because i forgot you said
you were never coming back

definitely titled

November 8, 2009
the book is out

over (again)

November 7, 2009

not quite there yet
so the cards tell me
so the booze tells me

trying to face reality, only one must
trying to face reality, one only must
trying to face reality, one must only

abandon beliefs
abandon hope
abandon self

say no matter
say no care
say no hurt

trying to get over you
sole remnant
of the passion

the word


November 6, 2009

trying to get it
not quite there yet
for when trying to face reality, one must
abandon beliefs
shift your paradigms
pretend you don’t care
say it doesn’t hurt

in trying to get over you
all i am left with is the word
and out