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September 30, 2009

coercing myself
to type these letters
only aggravates
the difference
from a pen



September 29, 2009

four of them knocked
but i wouldn’t let them in
four of them rang the bell
rang as if the sound buzzing could make me get out of bed
four of them shouted
and banged
but i would not let them see
not see me at all
for four of them were me

this one was lousy


September 29, 2009

if this is not despair
then it must be love


September 28, 2009

cutting self
on intentionally atonal words
in shards of broken language
finds me none


September 26, 2009

not so much a status
less a statement
more a state


September 25, 2009

i don’t
tell you
i won’t
tell me

September 24, 2009

i wondered why
i could not name
so many of my blogged poems
and all I could think of
was why give a name
to something which has a full name already?